Checkup & Clean

We use the latest technology to diagnose problems including an IntraOral Camera and laser detection (Diagnodent) This allows us to pick up problems at a very early stage and also lets you visualise what is happening in your mouth We will perform a thorough clean for you which involves

  • Scaling of tartar deposits
  • Prophy jet polish to remove coffee/cigarette stains
  • Professional Fluoride Application to prevent decay and reduce sensitivity
  • Preventive Advice regarding diet and oral hygiene

Best of all, if you are with a major health fund, you will pay NO or MINIMAL OUT OF POCKET COST FOR THIS We encourage you to attend every 6 months to maintain your smile for life When any addition treatment is required, we always provide a thorough explanation of the process, and an upfront quotation of time and cost involved.


We offer 2 options for professionally bleaching your teeth

  • Zoom Whitening: this procedure takes 1 hr and is done in the surgery that instantly whitens your teeth
  • Home Bleaching: this procedure is done in the comfort of your own home with dental trays made specifically to fit your teeth

Our dentists can talk to you about each option and which is best for you.

Same day Emergency Appointments

We understand that dental pain can crop up at short notice and it is a very unpleasant experience.

We generally reserve two appointment times every normal business day for emergency patients with toothache or broken teeth.

Please note that should you require emergency treatment outside of normal business hours, a call out fee will apply and medical rebates may not apply. Please discuss this with us when you call.
Our dentists can talk to you about each option and which is best for you.

Child Friendly Dentistry

A child’s dental visit should be happy and stress free.
Children should have their first visit as soon as they get their first few teeth. This makes children feel comfortable in the dentist chair and prepares them for a lifetime of good oral hygiene.

Children’s Milk (Baby) teeth are very important and need to be looked after. If they are not looked after, your child has a greater risk of having tooth decay as an adult, and also of having orthodontic (crowding) problems.

Our dentists can talk to you about each option and which is best for you.

White fillings

Due to advances in technology, patients can have cavities restored with tooth coloured materials (composite resin).

These modern materials are a much better alternative to traditional amalgam fillings as they

  • Do not release mercury
  • Do not expand and cause the teeth to crack
  • Are less invasive (don’t need as much tooth to be drilled)
  • Look very cosmetic and natural
  • Can be used on front and back teeth

They are a good option when around 30-50% of the tooth has decay. If there is more damage to the tooth, out dentist may recommend a ceramic inlay or crown


If your teeth are badly damaged, there may not be enough tooth left to hold and support a regular filling.

In these situations, it is more predictable to restore the tooth with a crown.

Crowns are usually made of ceramic, and as they completely encircle the tooth, are the strongest kind of restoration for a broken down tooth.

We will not compromise on our patients wellbeing and we will only work with high quality Australian dental laboratories.

Tooth Replacement (Bridges)

If you are self-conscious about missing teeth affecting your smile, then a bridge might be able to restore your confidence.

A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth with artificial teeth which are bonded onto adjacent teeth for support.

Unlike a denture, which you have to remove and clean, a bridge is permanent and can only be removed by a Dentist.


Have you lost some or all of your natural teeth due to injury, disease or tooth decay? Dentures might be the best option for you. Dentures will provide your face with support as well as enabling you to speak properly.

A full denture is placed in your mouth after any remaining teeth have been removed. A partial denture is used to replace some of your missing teeth.

An immediate denture is one that is placed in your mouth as soon as any remaining teeth are removed.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a dental procedure used to save a tooth with a diseased nerve. If the pulp, which provides nutrients to the tooth, becomes damaged or diseased, the pulp tissue dies.

Your tooth may get infected if the pulp is not removed. Left untreated, this may lead to loss of the tooth. The Dentist will remove the diseased pulp, file and clean the canals of the tooth, and seal the tooth off.

In most cases, a root canal tooth will require a crown. Root canal treatments usually take 2 to 3 visits to complete.


What should you expect when you are scheduled for a tooth extraction?

The Dentist will numb the area to alleviate any discomfort. After the extraction, we will issue you with an “After Oral Surgery Care” form giving you information and instructions to follow. This form will also tell you what medications to take if you are experiencing pain.

If you are a smoker, it is best not to smoke for 24 hours as smoking can effect the healing process.

If, after a few days, the pain and discomfort has not improved, please call us. Otherwise we will call you in a few days to make sure everything is healing well.